TelOne Launches Digital Education Platform

TelOne has launched a digital education platform called the Learners Tab which is a learner-oriented interactive digital education platform which can be accessed online or offline by students.

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The learners tab comprises of video tutorials and interactive tests and five subjects are available: •Mathematics •English, •Biology •Physics and •Chemistry

Target market

Young learners (Ordinary Level students)



The content coverage includes:

Cambridge (GCSE and iGCSE)



  • The learners Tab is available online through:
  • Website streaming service -
  • Available offline though a Micro SD card run System which works on mobile platforms.

The product is efficient and brings convenience to students whose burden of looking for hard-copy textbooks has been lifted.

On the learner’s tab interactive tests are structured as mock examination tests and quizzes for each subject area to enable the user to gauge understanding of the content.

The service facilitates learning at one’s pace.

Key Advantages of the Learner’s Tab

  • No extra lesson charges
  • Measurable learning for pupils, educators and parents
  • Works anywhere anytime, brings convenience
  • Use of affordable TelOne broadband packages for online streaming
  • Gives digital visual learning aids
  • Allows for learning through more than one sense, Allows students to self-test
  • Assists educators with a Teaching aid for their learners
  • Gives current updates coinciding with the  syllabus



Offline Streaming Tab 

ZWD Retail 

Price / Unit

SD card$ 465.00
Term Charges per School per Subject
L-Tab Cloud

ZWD Retail 

Price / Unit

25-49 students$ 176.00
50-99 students$ 61.00
100-249 students$ 38.00
249+ students$ 24.00
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