TelOne launches Blaze LTE service

TelOne has launched a game changing fixed wireless broadband solution dubbed Blaze LTE service.

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Blaze LTE service is an affordable internet connection using Wireless technology called Long Term Evolution (LTE). TelOne Blaze requires an Outdoor / Indoor / Mobile Modem which connects to TelOne Base stations to provide Internet Access.


The new LTE service is not a mobile service but a fixed connectivity solution with limited mobility. The sim card offered for the Blaze service is placed in a modem or Wi-Fi router/ Mi-Fi device as well as some handsets with the Frequency band (FDD-LTE Band 20 (800).The LTE Blaze Sim Card will not automatically work in all mobile Handsets except those compatible.  


Once the Blaze sim card is inserted into a modem or router, it gives clients the opportunity to connect multiple other devices including mobile phones. It allows connectivity of up to 10 devices on a MiFi modem and up to 32 devices on an indoor modem. This brings convenience to clients who may wish to share internet connectivity with friends, family or colleagues.  


The service has been launched in Harare at eight different areas and their peripheries, giving excellent service including during electricity load shedding times.  


The eight areas where the service is available are listed below;

• Avondale

• Kuwadzana

• Borrowdale

• Harare Main(CBD)

• Ruwa  

• Glenview

• Chitungwiza

• Southerton


TelOne is pleased to advise its clients that work is currently in progress to extend the service countrywide.  


Clients are advised to visit their nearest Client service centre to purchase the Blaze LTE sim cards, the modems and handsets that are compatible with the Blaze LTE service.



Find Below Frequently Asked Questions.


Q. What is TelOne Blaze and how does it work?

A. TelOne Blaze is an internet connection using Wireless technology called Long Term Evolution (LTE). TelOne Blaze requires an Outdoor / Indoor / Mobile Modem which connects to TelOne Base stations to provide Internet Access.



Q. What packages are available on Blaze LTE?

A. Capped and Uncapped packages are available on Blaze LTE to cater for Business and Residential needs. Package prices are constantly updated on  


Q. How do I connect to Blaze?

A. To be connected on TelOne Blaze you will require an LTE capable modem provided with a Blaze SIM card from TelOne. There are different models of modems suitable for different uses: individuals, home and businesses. Contact us for more information.  


Q. How do I sign up for Blaze?

A. You can sign up for TelOne Blaze by physically visiting our Client Service Centres to register with the following documents:



• Original National ID/Drivers Licence/ Valid Passport

• Proof of Residence


• Certificate of Incorporation CR14/ CR6

• Original National ID/Drivers Licence/ Valid Passport of Authorized Representative

• Proof of Residence

• Letter of Authority or Affidavit authorizing the Company Representative to register for service on behalf of the Company


Q. What types of devices or equipment can connect to TelOne Blaze?

A. Devices (modems, dongles) and equipment with the capability of supporting LTE Band 20 (LTE-FDD) can connect on TelOne Blaze. Kindly contact our Support team or visit our Client Service Centres to verify compatibility.  


Q. Which areas in Zimbabwe can TelOne Blaze Work?

A. TelOne Blaze is currently available in 8 selected areas in Harare, Kindly check if your area is covered on .  


Q. I am failing to connect away from home what may be the issue?

A. You have gone outside the range provided by your base station. Take note the service is fixed in its nature.



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