TelOne Launches New Home Broadband Packages

In response to the feedback and needs of the clients, TelOne has unveiled new home broadband packages which are technology neutral and offer flexible packages from as low $1.

Being technology neutral means the new packages are applicable to both clients using the ADSL and fibre technologies.


The new packages now come with two uncapped packages at $89 and $120 offering speeds of upto 5Mbps and 20Mbps respectively. This means depending on the speed needs, clients have an option to select from these packages.

The changes in packages has also seen a 33% data cap increase for clients that were formerly on the $23 FTTH package. This package has now been replaced by Home Plus which costs $25.

Exciting and affordable one day and seven day packages have also been introduced. They recharge vouchers are available through the TelOne Self Service Portal and through electronic vouchers at TelOne Client Service Centre.

New Broadband Packages

Package Name Download Speed Download Cap Retail Price ($)
Home Basic Up to 2Mbps 8Gb 15
Home Plus Up to 3Mbps 30Gb 25
Home Premier Up to 5Mbps 60Gb 42
Infinity Pro Up to 5Mbps Unlimited 89
Intense Up to 20Mbps Unlimited 120


Top Up Packages

Package Name Download Speed Download Cap Retail Price ($) Validity period
Broadband Top Up $1 Up to 2Mbps 1Gb 1 24 hours
Broadband Top Up $5 Up to 3Mbps 5Gb 5 120 hours